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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Spoiler alert

In some circles it's a commonplace to observe that "gay marriage" is not the goal, it 's just a stepping stone to the real goal: the complete destruction of marriage and/or the Church. That may well be true, for some activists.

Still, my impression is that the majority of folks who have been using the "#lovewins" tag over the last several days really do think love won, and that -- along with the immediate corollary that hate lost -- is pretty much the end of it. While that leaves them susceptible to further dubious arguments about what love winning is, it has some encouraging implications too.

For one thing, it means they're open to love winning. Not so much, I suppose, in an abstract sense. People pay a lot more attention to what they're shown of love than to what they're told of love. Each picture of a gay couple holding a marriage license on the steps of a courthouse was worth dozens of essays about natural law and the rights of children.

But that's okay. We can show them love too, right? The love of a husband for his wife and of a wife for her husband, natural loves that are supernaturally infused with Christ's love of perfect sacrifice for the beloved, a love that by its nature is fruitful and spreads to children, family, neighbors, and all those in need.

Love is the Christian's thing. We should be all over it.

Once we're less bashful about shining the light of our love on those around us, we'll just see where that takes us.

The even better news about all the people cheering "Love wins!" is that, in point of fact, Love has won. Love won on the cross at Calvary, the results were confirmed two mornings later, and Love is now taking a victory lap so people can cheer Love winning and win themselves.

Granted, rejoicing over "gay marriage" is not equivalent to salvific faith in Jesus Christ, but it does show a natural desire that, we know by faith, can only be fulfilled supernaturally in Jesus. "#lovewins" means they still want what we still have, which is the good news about Who they want whether they know it or not.