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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sometimes, you never can tell

I came across the following image on Facebook:

I have three reactions.

First, boy, that's a lot of words to cram into one of these pseudo-profound quote jobbies.

Second, the gist of all those words is basically true. The evangelist operates under the same law as the writer: Show, don't tell. Until someone grants you the authority to be their teacher, you have to operate under your authority as Christ's witness.
-- A corollary: Be sure you have witnessed Christ before you try to witness to Him.
Third, don't bet that any particular person is actually interested in how you choose to live and give. Holden Caufield Syndrome is common these days; sufferers say they despise hypocrisy, but it's probably truer to say that they just love to mock imperfections in people they disagree with -- and, of course, they are themselves the arbiters of perfection. An evangelist may well find himself dealing with someone who won't listen to him until he has demonstrated a life of perfect rectitude, which is then judged by standards that contradict what he has to say about Jesus. In effect, he may be told, "Come back when you're perfect," and they both know even that won't be enough.

It's not altogether fair, but then, who said it would be?