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Thursday, June 10, 2004

A programming note

I don't want to write about torture. I want to write about praying always. I've got three more posts on praying always planned, and more might suggest themselves.

But I think believing that torture is evil is important enough to spend some time arguing for. The arguments are, perhaps more than necessary, doctrinal, but I don't think it's fundamentally a question of doctrinal correctness vs. doctrinal error. The end toward which we strive is not freedom from error but holiness, and if (as I believe) torture is incompatible with holiness, we must not advocate torture.

I've got a new catchphrase: Cherchez la téléologie! Seek the end sought! Think about what you're trying to accomplish, and about what you're trying will accomplish.

I think Kathy puts it best in her comment:
One must ask then, relatively speaking, do you think you would be closer to stopping another 9/11 if you spent 20 minutes in prayer or 20 minutes torturing a potential informer? That is truly the question each Catholic must answer.