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Monday, October 16, 2006

Torture roundup

I've been asked to compose a post that links to what I've written on this blog about torture.

My first post on this seems to have appeared on April 3, 2003.
Some committed Catholics have, in recent weeks, expressed the opinion that torture is acceptable under certain circumstances....
You see how far we've come.

Fourteen months later, I returned to the topic with a series of posts, beginning with Abortion for social conservatives: "Let's keep torture safe, legal, and rare.", and continuing withThen, in late November 2004, came this series on an article by Linda Chavez: In January 2005:In November 2005, I went after Linda Chavez again:If they don't float, they're not witches.

In March 2006, I find Essay or multiple choice.

Which brings us to the latest go-round:So there you have it.