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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Evil schmevil

For those who might think my "merely quibbling over the price" post was over the top, I offer this post by the Anchoress as a typical example of such reasoning by generally morally serious people:
I think I am against [torture] but with this one exception: if I have a choice between saving say, 5 million lives in a nuke-contaminated Chicago or being able to say, "but at least we didn't waterboard that guy," I am inclined to think I would go for torture. The 5 million might still die, it's true, but at least I won't have to answer for standing idly by and watching it so that my morals might remain intact. I will take the chance that my moral failing in that instance will simply join my other moral failings in life, and then God and I will work that stuff out.
No one says, "God and I will work that stuff out," and thinks, "I might go to hell for it."